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 We assist companies, universities, high schools and others by delivering an engaging and interactive message to all audiences.

Building Workplace Culture

We help your teams thrive, have better communication with one another, and increase the employee morale by building upon a blueprint that encourages healthy conversations in the workplace.


Micaela is ready to shift the mindset of any audience. Inquire by filling out the speaker form for your event or sending an email to info@micaelatmorris.com

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Whether you have inquiries or are prepared to collaborate, feel free to reach out via email.

Email: info@micaelatmorris.com

One-on-One Direction & Strategy Packages *Discovery calls are available

Pricing Models For Every Need

Micaela Morris Consulting LLC specializes in delivering purpose-driven strategy workshops and sessions designed to instill confidence, fortitude, and clear direction. Our meticulously crafted workshops are tailored to the unique needs of organizations and companies, fostering enduring relationships that extend over the years.

  • Are you a woman leader that’s ready to go to the next level on your job or career?

  • Or maybe you have a team that needs engagement strategies and you want to build upon the company culture?

Entrepreneurs frequently seek guidance to ensure they are on the right path. If this resonates with you, we invite you to engage in a conversation with us. We offer the necessary tools to help you and your team reach your desired destination.

COURSES(Coming Soon): Growing with Group Sessions

Leveraging expertise in Human Resource Management, Communication Studies, and Operations, Micaela brings a distinctive approach to teaching and mentoring. Her group sessions cover a spectrum from workplace culture and employee morale to change management, diversity and inclusion strategies, leadership training, and mitigation tactics. For further details, reach out to info@micaelatmorris.com.

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