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Workshops, Conferences, and Seminars

 We assist companies, universities, high schools and others by delivering an engaging and interactive message to all audiences.

Building Workplace Culture

We help your teams thrive, have better communication with one another, and increase the employee morale by building upon a blueprint that encourages healthy conversations in the workplace.


Micaela is ready to shift the mindset of any audience. Inquire by filling out the speaker form for your event or sending an email to info@micaelatmorris.com

Speaking Engagement

Speaking at a breakfast in Tennessee on mindset. Inquire more about speaking events here info@micaelatmorris.com .

One-on-One Direction & Strategy Packages

Pricing Models For Every Need

Are you a woman leader that’s ready to go to the next level on your job? Or maybe you’re not a leader but you are eager to amplify your voice in the workplace. Even entrepreneurs often need a sounding board to see if they are going in the right direction. If that’s you we want to talk with you. We will provide the tools needed for you to get where you want to be. 

COURSES: Growing with Group Sessions

Micaela’s background in Human Resource Management, Communication Studies and Operations makes her style of teaching and mentoring like no other. Micaela’s group session design ranges from workplace culture, to employee morale, change management, diversity and inclusion strategies to leadership training and mitigation tactics.  For more information email info@micaelatmorris.com

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We want to see you win!  Click on the Pick My Brain session if you need some direction in a certain area. Or if you would like to join our Women in Green leadership club connect with us.

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