Deliberate Voices:

A Woman’s Journal of Awareness & Self-Discovery


About The Book

 This journal serves as a tool that will assist in unmuting the voices of women professionals and entrepreneurs by zoning in on purpose, passion, perseverance, and self esteem. This journal has empowering themes, moments to reflect, chapters that are followed by the readers daily experiences that can be journaled, and a page dedicated to positive affirmations that will shift your mindset and assist you in being the deliberate voice you were meant to be! Ready to find your deliberate voice?


Micaela Morris

“This book is a tool to help find your deliberate voice, or hone in on what your voice can be. This journal will remind you why you should bring your whole self in every situation. Don’t hold back, be 100% present in whatever room or situation you find yourself in. Be deliberate!”

What’s inside


13 Chapters


1 page dedicated to affirmations


Encouraging themes to start each chapter


Interactive activities


Daily writing areas to provide thoughts and daily experiences