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Micaela Morris is a International Best Selling author in not one category but 3 categories. She is the CEO and Founder of Micaela Morris LLC where she serves as a Purpose Alignment Consultant that assists women entrepreneurs and businesses with finding their voice, mindset shifts and helping businesses with employee morale and workplace culture. She has a BA in Communication studies, a MBA in Human Resource Management, and currently in school working on her Doctorate in Strategic Leadership. Micaela loves assisting people with their goals and dreams. Micaela is a leader in her profession, a mentor, and a coach to many. She helps people see their potential and uncover gifts they forgot they had. From helping people in career changes, to making major decisions in whether to be an entrepreneur or keep their corporate job. Micaela is sagacious and witty but truthful and transparent when mapping out her clients vision map.


Micaela empowers her clients by providing mentorship that include ongoing communication using her system call (P3). P3 stands for Purpose, Passion and Perseverance. Micaela strengthens her clients by not only aligning their purpose but she brings balance just like a chiropractor does for their patients, she corrects the misalignment and improves the posture by deconstructing them then rebuilding them so that they will have a better understanding of the direction they need to take. It will be a journey but well worth it!  

01. Purpose

Purpose meets experience and skills.

02. Passion

Passion meets intentionality and heart.

03. Perseverance

Perseverance meets focus and motivation.

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