“Get ready for a strategic, inventive, and purpose-driven journey! I’m prepared to guide and coach you, your business, or your group toward unlocking the deliberate voice you were destined to have!”


“EmpowerHER Insights” is a service dedicated to catalyzing the success of women entrepreneurs and businesses. Our comprehensive service goes beyond conventional consulting— we specialize in voice discovery, mindset transformations, and elevating employee morale and workplace culture. Through our impactful workshops, dynamic seminars, compelling speaking engagements, and insightful authored works, we guide women entrepreneurs to find their authentic voice and confidently lead in their industries. In a world where doubt, worry, and lack of confidence often hinder potential, EmpowerHER Insights is the strategic partner that transforms aspirations into achievements, making every entrepreneur the deliberate voice they were destined to be.


Organizational Solutions 

Designing and implementing effective solutions for complex organizational issues, emphasizing a strategic and unique approach to problem-solving. If your company is navigating uncertainties regarding processes or defining new roles, rely on my expertise to guide you.

Micaela Morris LLC

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Let’s work together! Whether it’s one-on-one mentoring, group sessions, a event, a career workshop all of our strategies highlight purpose, passion, perseverance, and identifies what it takes to get you or your company to the next level. Let’s grow together. 


Women Building Wealth Event

Barbara Turner-Chappell, Branch Manager of Regions Bank 

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Carlos Vargas, CEO of VMG Entertainment 

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