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A Purpose Alignment Consultant assists women in identifying the reasons they should be leaders in their area of expertise . Often women in leadership positions struggle with owning their confidence and lack the “voice” needed to stand strong in those top positions. YOUR Purpose Alignment Consultant will provide you with the tools necessary to make sure you have the DELIBERATE VOICE, the presence, and the shifted mindset needed to be FIERCE in the position you currently have or searching for. 


Deliberate Voices: A Woman’s Journal of Awareness & Self-Discovery

This journal serves as a tool that will assist in unmuting the voices of women professionals and entrepreneurs by zoning in on purpose, passion, perseverance, and self esteem. This journal has empowering themes, moments to reflect, chapters that are followed by the readers daily experiences that can be journaled, and a page dedicated to positive affirmations that will shift your mindset and assist you in being the deliberate voice you were meant to be! Ready to find your deliberate voice?


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Let’s work together! Whether it’s one-on-one mentoring, group sessions, a event, a career workshop all of our strategies highlight purpose, passion, perserverance and indentifies what it takes to get you or your company to the next level. Let’s grow together. 

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